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Hotel Booking – Advantages

The major advantages of online hotel booking is that you can do it anyway in the world, even at the comfort of your home. There is no time consuming travel to the hotel to get information. Virtually all the information you need pertaining to the hotel booking is available over the website. There is no constraint on the operating hour as everything is 24/7/365 days a year. With online hotel booking, you can make last minutes reservation. A feature that is perfect for  busy people. Because of the easy access and quick turn around , one can simply log into the system to make enquiry and comparison  to get the best deal prior to placing the booking. There is no need to make overseas call and you can get information on any hotel locations  you want globally.


Hotel Booking – Booking directly from Hotel Website

Hotel Booking2As mentioned earlier. Many hotels have their own website that are fully functional and capable of doing room reservations. Bigger hotel chains have portals that are linked to their entire network of hotels globally to tap into their hotel booking engines. Thus promoting their guestrooms, amenities and offerings directly to the travelers. The main advantage of booking directly from the hotel or hotel chains is that they have better control of the hotel booking and reservation. In the event of any dispute ,refunds or cancellation. Customers can have better assurance  that the hotels will honor them. In most cases no deposits or a separate booking fee is required when you do your hotel booking directly with them.


Hotel Booking – Online travel agency

A very popular way of doing hotel booking these days is through an online travel agency or portal. These companies do not own the hotels but instead work with a large groups or chain of hotels to give you the widest range of selection across the globe. With these large resources, customers can compare room rate, amenities , facilities, services on a much bigger scale to find the best deals prior to committing to a hotel booking.


Hotel Booking – online hotel booking tips

In a nutshell, Online hotel booking saves you time and  money. It is ideal for busy executives who needs to make last minutes bookings but also offers the avid travelers a wider range of selection to suite their mood and budget. Every information that you need on hotel booking is just clicks away. However, that does not mean that  you should rush off to do your hotel booking without first accessing  the portal. Online transaction has its risk. As you are giving out your personal information to another party.  Always look for established portal as they more reliable and can offer better hotel booking rates  since the rates they get from the hotels are base on the amount of  room they book. One way to gauge their credibility is to check the feedback and testimonial from actual customers.

Finally, a good online portal should not charges the customer any fees for reservation or cancellation. After all they are paid on commission basis from the hotels  for the rooms booked.

With all these information in place making a hotel booking should not be too much of a hustle for anyone as long as they follow the rules.

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Hotel Booking – Videos

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking Videos


Hotel Booking – Video 1

Hotel Booking – Video 2

Hotel Booking – Video 3

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Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking

As long as there is travel, you need hotel booking. The world is getting smaller day by day as overseas travel becomes part of our daily life,  for some. Having the right resource and information on hotel booking will not only reduce your stress in finding  the right one but also saves you money.

Hotel Booking – Things to look out for

When doing hotel booking, advance planning is crucial. Room rates and availability fluctuates with the seasons and popularity of the destination. Always check against any peak seasons as the hotel booking rates can increase substantially with demand. It’s good to have some understanding of the local events happening during your period of stay as this may affect your  hotel booking chances and rates. Plan your travel early  to avoid peak seasons if you can , but if you cannot avoid that look for special promotions that may coincide with your stay. There are hotel bookings that cater to customers who are attending  seminars conducted within the hotel vicinity.

hotel bookingOther things to look out for before you do your hotel booking may include the type of food they serve. Some people may have food selection constraints or habits which may prove to be a hustle if overlooked. It’s also good to know if a particular meal  is provided or you have to pay out  of your own pocket. One important consideration  when doing your hotel booking is knowing the check in and check out timing as you may end up paying extra  if you pass the designated timing.

Always look at the entire package rather than just the hotel booking room rates, as there may be other hidden cost which adds up later on. These includes  TV channels charges for watching selected movies, Internet connection charges, in house counter food and beverage charges amongst the few. Some unscrupulous hotels may entice you with low basic hotel booking rates but you end up paying more when all these services adds up to your surprise.

The last factor  i consider worthy  to look into when doing hotel booking is the amenities around the hotel. Depending on method you use to book the hotels. You may not have all these information at that moment. However, given a choice , i would consider easy transport access, shops and offices, banking facilities etc …a plus to have.

Hotel Booking – Ways to find a good hotel deals

There are many  ways to do your research prior to a hotel booking. You can check out travel guides and reviews written on specific hotels to gauge if it is the right one for you. These reviews are written by real people relating their personal experiences and opinion which i believe warrants some credibility.

Most hotels also have an official website where you can do your hotel booking with them. But most importantly they provides the  information you need such as the location , facilities, type of rooms, services and rates to suite your needs. Alternatively, you may want to call them up personally to enquire about their hotel booking rates or other information pertaining to the  hotel. Here you can ask questions and get information specific to your needs. These information you may not be found in reviews or write outs.

Another often neglect source of hotel booking  is through your friends and associates. Tapping into their experience to get their opinion on the hotel reservations can saves you lots of hustle and money as well. Being your friends and having no vested interest in a particulars hotel, i’m sure they can give you some tips on a good hotel booking.

Joining the hotel frequent guest program is another good way to get great deals for a  hotel booking. Many hotels have point system that rewards customer for their regular patronage. These hotels may even extend their offers to their chains or associates hotels for a wider coverage globally. Make use of these facilities to claims your savings in hotel booking.

Finally, there is always a hotel booking portal where you can make comparisons of everything I’ve just mentioned all within a single site. This type of services provides a comprehensive comparison at your finger tips and could save you time and money especially when you have constraints with both the former and latter. Making a hotel booking can be a pleasant experience  if you know how.

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